President's Message

I am honoured to hold the position of President of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, and I would like to pay tribute to all the friends of the Society, known friends and those who preferred to stay anonymous.

I am sure that everyone who was there to witness, contribute to and experience the growth and development of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society all these years, share the same feeling of pride. They feel proud to be part of an organisation that has stepped and developed on solid grounds from the very beginning, thanks to the determination and perseverance of a group of volunteers, our fellow citizens, who set out to offer relief and care to our cancer patients. To help them and their families have a better quality of life.

Our first steps were hesitant and hard. People’s love is deep and overwhelming. So deep and so overwhelming that it gives us reason and the right to dream and look forward to a well-deserving future for all our cancer patients, who will be able to benefit from the services they are entitled to and deserve.

For many years now, the role of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, has been made clear and it focuses on offering palliative care in line with the European and international guidelines. Our services are constantly being upgraded and we make sure that the professionals who offer them have all the knowledge and skills required to offer the maximum possible care.  

We all promise to stay committed to this goal and hold on to the universal value of offering as our eternal guide.

I invite you all to join our team and help us grow even more, help us be able to offer even more.

Myria Stavraki