Have you got the time and desire to share a bit of your time and become a volunteer?

Volunteers are people who offer to help in various ways without gain apart from the satisfaction that what they give is for the benefit of others. In the same way you can help the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society in various ways. To download the application click here.

A volunteer can assist in various ways whether individually or as a team:

  • Communal events: athletic and social occasions to help raise funds for the Society
  • Sale of lottery tickets
  • The manning of stalls during the Christodoulas Charity or during other bazaars and events organised by the Society
  • Preparation and sale of Christmas cards
  • Putting letters into envelopes and other administrative duties
  • Delivery of flyers and other publicity material
  • Cover for the reception area and charity shop of the Society in Nicosia
  • Care of the Arodaphnousa gardens
  • Small-scale maintenance of the building
  • Accompanying patients on visits to their doctor
  • Transporting patients from their homes to the Day Care Centre
  • Companionship with patients
  • Grooming assistance (eg. hair, manicures, etc.)
  • Shopping, cooking and ironing for patients who are confined to their homes
  • Accompanying patients on walks


Recent events to thank our volunteers

Nicosia Disctrict

Without our volunteers, we couldn’t continue our work. They are the force that allows us to give love and care to those who need it. To thank them, we  invited them to a fun but also educational breakfast at Lidl Food Academy where the chef of the academy taught us how to make delicious pizza topped with lot’s of love!The necessary ingredient in everything we do.

 We would like to express our warmest thanks to Lidl Cyprus for hosting the event and Mr. Konstantinos Petevinos, the chef of the academy with his team, who offered us this experience.

Famagusta District

To thank our volunteers from the Famagusta district, an event was held at CyHerbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth in Avgorou. Our volunteers spent a beautiful morning discovering the benefits of herbs and also learn information about our society which they support in various ways  by offering their time.For that we would like to thank them.

We would like to express our warm thanks to CyHerbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth for its free hospitality and guided tour.