Psychological Support

Utilising contemporary scientific knowledge and responding to the needs and wishes of cancer patients, the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society also offers psychological support services. Qualified psychologists are there to support patients and their immediate family. The service is available in all Cyprus districts.

Several studies on cancer state that psychological support and social inclusion are important and integral parts of the patients’ journey. Psychologists acknowledge that cancer has a strong impact on the person at all levels, as well as their family and social environment. This impact is not only physical but also emotional.

These support services are given by specialised psychologists and constitute an addition to the existing chain of services that the Society offers to cancer patients, and which distinguish it from other health professionals.
The Society’s psychologists use individual, family or group counselling to help the patients and their families to deal with overwhelming emotions such as shock, fear, anxiety, panic, fear, anger, guilt, sadness, bitterness, negativity and the like, which tend to succeed cancer diagnosis. These scientists help both patients and family members to live a fuller life. As the patients learn to cope with the challenges and changes brought by the course of the illness and its treatment, the scientists help them reduce the emotional charge and find emotional balance.

Scientists use strategies and methods that support the patients in finding this balance. Through these strategies and methods, the patients are able to acquire and enhance skills that allow them to cope with the new reality imposed by the illness.

Psychologists are involved in all stages of the illness.

All information exchanged with the mental health specialist is kept entirely confidential.