Christodoula March

After the tragic events of the Turkish invasion in 1974 and occupation of 38% of Cypriot territory, the suffering of cancer patients and their families was made worse with the absence of any nursing staff who could offer them assistance and care.

The Society's President at the time,  Jacob Kehegian, made a large donation and in close cooperation with Dr. Demetris Souliotis and other members of the elected committee, it was decided to create a nursing home for cancer patients and name it ‘Arodaphnousa’.

Dr. Demetris Souliotis proposed that financial support for the nursing home would be raised on an annual basis through a ‘march’ in memory of  Christodoula from Ayios Memnonas, Famagusta.  Becoming homeless after the invasion, Christodoula walked the road as a refugee despite suffering cancer of an advanced stage. She reached Sotira, in much physical and mental pain, where she eventually died alone without any medical assistance or nursing care.

The first Christodoula March was organised in 1976. The aim of the Christodoula March is to raise public awareness about any matters concerning cancer and to secure the necessary funds to continue financing the various services offered to cancer patients by the Cyprus Anticancer Society.

The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society needs about € 3,000,000 in order to continue providing its services to cancer patientse and their fmilies for free. Therefore, the support of the Cypriot public is vital so that the services offered by The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society can be maintained.

We are certain that the Cypriot community will continue to support the attempts of the Society and its various efforts in fighting cancer and offering palliative care.


The Bank of Cyprus has been the main sponsor and supporter of the Christodoula March since 1999. It has embraced the campaign and organises various events and activities to support it. 


Support is also given from municipalities, political parties, banks, government offices, schools, higher educational institutions, supermarkets, private businesses, etc.