Social Support

We are here to offer support from the very first day after diagnosis. We are involved in all stages of the illness until the end of treatment. We are also there when the patients are ready to go back to their normal life and daily routine.

Our team of Social Workers is here to receive the patients’ or family requests. They then assess the psycho-social and/or financial state of the patients in need of support. The team then advises and guides the patients and immediate family in regards to the benefits they are entitled during treatment, enabling them to use the Society’s services more effectively.

Works with:

  • Public and private Oncology Centres
  • The Ministry Of Health
  • Social Welfare Services Department
  • The Ministry of Labour and Social Security to manage any problems that the patient may be facing

Provides emotional support to the patient and family, ensuring full confidentiality in regards to their personal information.

Also, the Social Workers at the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society serve patients across the country and act as Coordinators of the Daily Engagement Groups in all Cyprus provinces.