05 February, 2016

World Cancer Day 2016

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day, the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, the PASYKAF, the Europa Donna Cyprus, the Europa Uomo Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre organised a Day Conference on Saturday, 30 January, at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.

The General slogan “We can! I can!“ the World Cancer Day indicates a positive approach to cancer, stressing that there are solutions that are both possible, realistic and feasible, which require targeted and systematic action. The global campaign for World Cancer Day focuses on what we can do both collectively and individually.

At the Day Conference, the presidents of the associations that support cancer patients and families talked about the work, the responsibilities, as well as the challenges they are facing. Psychologists have highlighted the human side underlying patient support. Distinguished journalists analysed the role of the media in informing the public about cancer-related issues.

The Day Conference concluded with a positive message full of hope- WE CAN! I CAN!
We can offer support!
I can achieve more!
We can have an impact!
I can love!